Heating & Cooling Services Whitmore Lake, MI

Heating & Cooling Services Whitmore Lake, MI

Certified HVAC contractors serving Whitmore Lake, Hamburg, & South Lyon communities

If you are a homeowner of Whitmore Lake or any surrounding community searching for reliable, precision HVAC services, give the Trusted Heating and Cooling Solutions Team a call today. We are a family-owned heating and cooling company delivering a full suite of home comfort solutions for local residents, including same-day emergency HVAC repairs, and professional installation of the latest technology of high-efficiency HVAC and water heater equipment from Rheem.

In addition to accommodating your heating or air conditioning needs, we are also your professional source for water heater service/replacements, indoor air quality, duct cleaning, and gas line service/installation. 

Looking for the best HVAC and home comfort services in Whitmore Lake? Contact our friendly staff today for same-day service or to request a free estimate on heating, AC, or water heater upgrades, backed by our 100% comfort guarantee.

Check out our affordable specials and financing options available in Whitmore Lake!

Furnace & Heating Services

24-Hour Emergency Heating Repairs

Furnace and heating breakdowns can happen at any moment, so if you are a Whitmore Lake area homeowner facing furnace problems, call the furnace repair experts at Trusted Heating and Cooling Solutions today. Our certified heating technicians specialize in the repair, service, and maintenance of any model or condition of a gas furnace, heat pump, or mini-split-zoned system. 

Reliable and on-time, call or text (810) 355-1669 or Request Service for same-day furnace repair in Whitmore Lake & beyond.

New, High-Efficiency Furnaces & Heating Systems

Finding the right furnace or heating equipment that meets your specifications and budget is a tall task, let the heating installation experts at Trusted HVAC select the best option for your needs. As Whitmore Lake’s premier Rheem Pro Partner, we offer professional sales and installation using the latest in Rheem furnaces, heat pumps, and mini-split systems that deliver optimal efficiency and reliability.

Looking to upgrade your home heating system in Whitmore Lake or any surrounding area? Call or text (810) 355-1669 or Request Service for a free in-home for a virtual estimate. We are proud to offer competitive pricing, affordable specials, and convenient financing options for local residents!

Cooling & Air Conditioning Services

24-Hour Emergency AC Repairs

From emergency AC repairs, recharges, or preventative maintenance, Trusted Heating and Cooling Solutions deliver a full suite of home cooling repair and service in Whitmore Lake. Our air conditioning technicians provide expert service and maintenance for any model of central A/C, heat pump, or mini-split-zoned cooling equipment.

Contact our AC service technicians today for same-day service or to learn more about our preventative AC tuneup and maintenance programs in Whitmore Lake. Call or text (810) 355-1669 or Request Service for same-day cooling and AC service in Whitmore Lake & beyond.

New, High-Efficiency Air Conditioning Installation

Ready to upgrade your AC and lower your energy bills? Looking to finally have a Central AC system installed in your home? Give the air conditioning installation experts a Trusted HVAC a call today. We can custom design a home cooling system that fits your needs and budget, including central AC, heat pumps, or mini-split (zoned) cooling for any space in your home.

To learn more about our Rheem AC products, call or text us at (810) 355-1669 or schedule a free estimate online. Save on your next AC installation project by checking out our affordable specials and convenient financing options in Whitmore Lake.

Water Heater Services

Emergency Water Heater Repairs & Maintenance

Trusted Heating and Cooling Solutions is your call for professional water heater repair, service, and maintenance in Whitmore Lake. Our water heater services include same-day emergency repairs, preventative maintenance, safety inspections, tank draining, or any service needed to keep your home water heater system running at peak performance, safety, and efficiency. 

To schedule same-day water heater repair in Whitmore Lake, or to learn more about our maintenance programs, click or call (810) 355-1669 or Request Service today!

High-Tech Water Heater Systems from Rheem

Looking to upgrade your water heater system to the latest technology? As a Rheem Pro Partner in Whitmore Lake, we offer a large selection of gas, electric, and tankless water heater systems in a wide range or capacities, all delivering maximum reliability and efficiency.

For more information and to get a quote on a new water heater installation, contact us today at (810) 355-1669 or Request Service.

Indoor Air Quality

Solutions to Eliminate Odors, Allergens, and Viruses from Indoor Air

We are proud to help residents and business owners of Whitmore Lake breathe safely and easily with our advanced air purification systems. From upgrading your existing filtration system to installing the latest in high-tech air purification systems, we have a solution for you. We carry the latest in advanced air purification systems that actively eliminate odors, allergens, bacteria, and viruses from your air, leaving a clean and healthy environment for everyone in your home or office.

Learn more about our air filtration and purification products or contact us today at (810) 355-1669 for a free quote.

Air Duct Cleaning Services

Enhanced Air Quality & HVAC Performance

Many Whitmore Lake homeowners aren’t aware of all the dust and contaminants lurking in their duct systems, not only compromising air quality but hurting HVAC performance and efficiency. If you are a Whitmore Lake homeowner that has never had their ducts cleaned or recently moved into a new home, we highly recommend scheduling a duct cleaning appointment. Our high-tech cleaning technology scrubs and cleans every surface of your interior ductwork, leaving behind a clean and safe environment for your family, and less stress on your heating and cooling equipment.

To schedule your next duct cleaning appointment in Whitmore Lake, text or call us at (810) 355-1669 or Request Service.

Gas Line Services

Gas Line Service, Installation, & Upgrades

For Whitmore Lake residents or businesses looking for expert gas line service, call Trusted Heating and Cooling Solutions today for complete gas line service, installations, and upgrades. Looking to add that new appliance or heat source on your property? We have you covered. We can accommodate any custom gas line need:

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Fireplaces and heaters
  • Generator hook-ups
  • Outdoor BBQs and kitchens
  • Outdoor gas fire pits
  • Gas line connections to garages, barns, or sheds
  • Complete home installations/replacements

Contact the Trusted Heating and Cooling Solutions team for all your interior or exterior gas line needs in Whitmore Lake! (810) 355-1669 or Request Service.

Call Trusted Heating and Cooling Solutions Today For All Your HVAC Or Home Comfort Needs In Whitmore Lake And Beyond!